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Plug and play autonomous trailer
& container (un)loading

Navflex is a pioneer of autonomous trailer & container (un)loading.

We create safe, productive, easy to deploy Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for loading and unloading applications.

The Navflex advantage

  • Autonomous (un)loading 24/7 in your current environment without any infrastructure changes

  • Deployed and working in hours not weeks or months

  • Warehouse Management System (WMS) Integration or Stand-Alone Solution

  • Adapts to changing dynamic docks with "real world" pallets and problems

  • Places loads with millimetric precision

  • (Un)loading all container, box truck and trailer sizes including curtain trailers

  • Allows autonomous Cross Docking of the future

  • Ushering in the "Dark Warehouse" Era

  • Safely works alongside humans and manual forklifts

  • Manual mode for versatility

  • ROI of 12 months or less

  • Europe and North America Established Service and Dealer Network

  • Purchase, Lease or RaaS (Robot as a Service)


Navflex in action: Autonomous trailer (un)loading with natural navigation

  • Integrated Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) pallet jack and counterbalance forklift.

  • Picks up palletised goods and autonomously places and unloads trailers with millimetric precision.

  • Discovers and analyses the trailer on the fly, determines the optimum loading and unloading pattern, considers the load arrangement and places and removes loads comparable to human speeds.

Autonomous loading and unloading that works and drives like a human

We are boosting the supply chain by creating affordable, plug and play mobile robots that autonomously load and unload trucks - powered by advanced AI robotics technology and load handling capabilities. 
Automation benefits on the (un)loading gate

Navflex powered autonomous mobile robots (AMR) raise the efficiency of loading and unloading operations. Apart from  increased productivity driven by lower operative costs our customers also benefit from consistent and predictable workflows, improved handling with reduced product and facility damage, enhanced workplace safety and no more need to find workers for repetitive, unappealing jobs

Quick ROI and flexible technology

Perfect, controlled environments and inflexible solutions - that's the stereotype of autonomous technology. Navflex powered robots work in natural, dynamic environments without any infrastructure modifications. Our flexible Plug and Play technology can easily integrate into any forklift platform to solve your unique challenges. With the reliability and manufacturing capabilities of OEM integration along with fast load and unload speeds, Navflex has an Industry Leading ROI of 12 months or less.

Technology developed on the loading dock

Navflex technology is developed on the loading dock and made for challenging tasks with unique load handling and placement capabilities. Advanced AI technology adapts to all trailer, container, and box truck sizes. Navflex quickly identifies space requirements and loading patterns, copes with different loads shapes and arrangements and places loads with millimetric precision. Navflex safely operates alongside people and other forklifts with an additional manual mode option for versatility.

  • Electric Linde forklift upgraded to an Autonomous Mobile Robot by Navflex upgrade Kit

  • Picks up goods and places them into trailers autonomously

  • Maps the trailer on the fly, loads the optimum loading pattern, considers the load arrangement and places the loads with high placement precision


Industrial, reliable AMR Pallet Jack and AMR  Counterbalance Truck for customer specific and unique dock operations

Our features and functionalities enable quick and easy automation of loading and unloading processes

Natural navigation without any infrastructure investments 

Standalone or WMS integration

Seamless integration into your current WMS or operates independently


Deployed in hours, not weeks or months

Load handling without limitations

Flexible technology dealing with "real world" different pallets, load shapes and load arrangements

360 degree

Obstacle and person detection and soft stopping mechanism

Autonomous cross-docking

Direct to multi-trailer loading and unloading

Works with all trailer sizes 

Capability to serve any trailer or container sizes with different loading patterns determined on the fly

Works alongside staff

Robots work safely alongside humans

Lights-out, dark warehouse

Operates in any environment including dark, humid, hot, and cold docks

Precise load placement

Load placement with milimetric precision making sure every load "fits"

Manual driving option

Switch quickly between autonomous and manual driving option

Established dealer & service network

Navflex global deployment, service, and certification partners

Automate your loading and unloading,
the simplest way

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Tel. North America/Global: +1 330 819 5740   

Tel. Europe:                       +49 2223 9148824


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